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During “BSHAP- Harmonization of Seismic Hazard Maps in Western Balkan Countries “project, available information on the seismo-tectonic features of the participating countries were integrated and used to develop several areal seismic source models as an input to the probabilistic seismic hazard assessment (PSHA) study. These areal sources along with the traces of the active faults in each source (small rectangle on the top) are presented in th figure below. To determine the predominant tectonic structure inside each areal source, statistical analysis methods, composite solutions for focal mechanism and the expert opinions were integrated. The relatively simple seismic source models developed during BSHAP may be improved by using linear fault models for the active faults with well established data in terms of geometry, mechanism and slip rate in the proposed follow-up project. Improvements in the seismic source characterization will lead to the development of more accurate hazard maps and more precise estimation of seismic hazard and risk in the region.



Seismic source models of the region that developed during BSHAP Project as input to the PSHA study along with the traces of the active faults (small rectangle on the bottom).