Home Events & News 29 January 2013 NATO Info Day

NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division of Science for Peace and Security Programme and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Montenegro, in cooperation with Sector for Seismology of Hydrometeorological and Seismological Service of Montenegro, organize Information Day & Partnership Building, on 29 th of January 2013, at the Rectorate’s Conference Room at University of Montenegro in Podgorica.




  Programme Speakers


  Dr. Eyüp Kuntay Turmuş, NATO SPS Science Advisor: ‘The NATO SPS Programme’ 

Assoc. Dr. Karol Nemoga, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia. Member of the NATO SPS Independent Scientific Evaluation Group (ISEG). ‘Scientific Evaluation of SPS Proposals’.
Dr. Bogdan Šolaja, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Chemistry, Belgrade, Serbia. SPS Project ‘New Inhibitors of Botulinum Neurotoxins’.
Dr. Jadranka Blazevska-Gilev, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Ss. Cyril & Methodius University, Skopje, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. SPS Project ‘Novel Sensors based on Laser Ablated Graphene’.
Dr. Branislav Glavatović, Montenegro Seismological Observatory, Podgorica, Montenegro. SPS Project, ‘Harmonisation of Seismic Hazard Maps for the Western Balkan Countries (BSHAP)’.
Mr. Sc. Jadranka Mihaljević, Montenegro Seismological Observatory, Podgorica, Montenegro. SPS Project ‘Improvements in the Harmonized Seismic Hazard Maps for the Western Balkan Countries’.
Dr. Radovan Stojanović, University of Montenegro, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Podgorica, Montenegro. SPS Project, ‘Geographical Information Processing for Environmental Pollution-Related Security within Urban Scale Environments (GEPSUS)’.