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End users:

  • Civil protection agencies
  • Agencies for urban planning
  • Ministries responsible for seismic safety improvement and seismic risk management
  • Authorities for seismic design code legislation
  • National seismic networks
  • Seismological, geological and geophysical institutions in the Region
  • Insurance companies

End products:

  • Integrated database organized in a GIS application for the whole region: regional earthquake catalogue, seismotectonical data, focal mechanism data, morphological and geological data, etc.
  • Seismogenic model of the whole region
  • Seismic hazard maps, harmonized with the EU standards - as a base for seismic safety improvement, seismic risk management, and seismic design codes
  • Improved seismic monitoring networks through the deployment of new instrumentation
  • Improved scientific collaboration between the participating countries and institutions
  • Trained young scientists in earthquake-hazard related topics
  • Published and disseminated the major Project results