Home Earthquake Catalogue

During the BSHAP project the participating countries agreed on the details of the format required for the earthquake catalogue compilation. The main intention was to harmonize the indispensable fields required for seismic hazard (date and time origin, epicenter location and all the available data for better magnitude characterization, including the database of International Seismology Center-ISC (Ms, Mb), CMT catalog of Harvard, EMMA database, and RCMT catalogues provided by INGV and ETHZ for the BSHAP area (12.5-24.5°E, 38-47.5°N)). Some participating countries were able to convert their national databases to the decided uniform format during the course of the project but some participating countries needed more time for this complicated task. Using all the available data, an initial BSHAP catalogue was generated in the uniform format with lots of empty fields, since many data in the national catalogues were missing. The BSHAP catalogue includes 13341 events bigger than magnitude 3.5 occurred until the end of 2010 in the geographical limits between 38.0° - 47.5°N and 12.5° - 24.5°E.


Spatial distribution of the events in the Unified BSHAP Catalogue